Café Jan

Selected in the 7th Iranian interior design award by the architecture and construction magazine.

Café, a place for great unforgettable moments not just to seat drinking or eating, but also because of being different from home or office. A place for dates, reading, writing and feel yourself apart from the outside world.

After understanding what is important from costumer’s point of view for a great café, his demands And a restricted budget for selecting materials and details, we tried to mirror his beliefs and create a space that would allow café to be a charming, seductive place with a friendly atmosphere for people who comes daily.

Our goal was to create a sympathy atmosphere using natural materials and colors, but also have a little tension using contrast .Re-using timber palette  with iron and adjacent them with brick’s harsh  surface texture, exposing details of welding in opponent to floor’s woody texture of timbers which was our main targets.

Building a very lightweight  suspended bridge which is connecting two cozy space  with  the sense of weightless in visual points, provided a new and interesting  experience for coffee lovers .

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