Ator Fast food

Second place in the category of office-commercial in the 4th Iranian interior design award competition architecture and construction magazine.

Ator is a 50 Square meter restaurant which was established in 2010 in Tehran, Iran. From the start of the design process it struggled with many needs and requests of the employers. For example, the owner requested that, cleaning under tables should be simple and easy. Or because of the bad location of the restaurant and being far from the main street, we couldn’t maintain a good view of the street from inside the restaurant, so we decided to design the tables and chairs in the way that they didn’t have any legs, so the cleaning would be easy …


For the second problem we decided to design the interior in a complex combination of table and chairs and in result we had a unique and new from of interior design. The concept of the forms came from the word “Ator” meaning “Fire”

In the time of construction, we came to a situation where the employer could not afford to pay for the wood needed for the tables and chairs.

So we build them with raw MDF sheets and then covered them. This decision reduced the expense of construction up to 60% and the project turned into an acceptable project.