Pak Station

500.00 m²

The Tehran Tochal telecabin company with cooperation of Pak diary company decided to dedicate an area about 500.00 square meter between first station and Cheshme station in Tehran Tochal mountain to serve climbers with free hot milk. the client’s demands were to define Pak station as a landmark in mentioned area and provides a space for climbers to take rest for short period.

From the first point it was necessary to look at the project alongside it’s context and the surrounding environment and to build a place surrounding places should not be overlooked so that it would not result in a plan which is paradoxical and in coordination with its context from the stand point of function, proportions, materials and etc. We used context topography broken lines as spaces for climbers, which are compatible with human ergonomy to take rest and lay down as a temporary space.


The site project’s short width, height difference between start point and end point and transferring materials to site’s location were the challenges during project implementation. so according to these challenges, as a solution we used forms which are inspired by mountain texture, sky line and indigenous materials which are compatible with area’s climate.Our concept is totally taken by mountain and climbers. Dynamic forms let the climbers to continue their ways after having some rest and served by hot milk in Pak station.