We do our all efforts to present a good architecture for our clients. An architecture which can responds to all client’s needs and at meantime can respects to all aspects of art’s esthetic, technical and environmental issues.

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 In other words an architectural explanation of clients demands along with innovation and creativity. We are committed to making our clients ideas become reality and we are dedicated to ensure both high quality design and client satisfaction from initial consultation to the completion of your project. Expose architectural was founded in 2006 with the mission of designing and execution of architectural, high quality and special interior design projects to upgrade the vision and visual literacy of society.

About The Team

Our team is our family so that’s why we are lucky because the source of our creativity is a passion and love for what we do every day. As a result, we innovate and create unconventional solutions of high quality architecture and respond to client’s needs. our professional team is an active group who support one another in their missions.

Meet The Team

Our team is composed of highly trained and experienced architects and interior designers, who help us achieve our goals in innovation, creation ideas and first class service to our clients.


Hesam Esfahani

chief Architect

Kaivan Kianbakht

chief Interior Designer


Interior Designer

Setareh Babakhani


Poriya Ghadimi

Interior Designer

Hosein Ghandi

Interior Designer


Accountant Manager


IT Manager



Ehsan Fouladi


Kaivan Kianbakht


Nafas Nejati


Kamran Kianbakht

Culture and Values

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Our Clients

We’re fortunate to have worked with some great brands.



Europan 10 - Rua vs Estrada Lisboa (pt)
International Competition - 1st Prize

Delle Provincie - Lega Lombarda Roma (it)
International Competition - 1st Prize

Nero Ruscello Rionero in Vulture (it)
Internacional Competition 2 phases - Finalist

Prima Porta Roma (it)
Internacional Competition 2 phases - Finalist

Between Streets Oporto (pt)
International Competition - 2nd Prize


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